• Autumn Update! 11/08/2018 by Lucas McCaslin

    Hi All!

    Its been awhile since we last wrote to you.

    We have since Finished our first “issue”, Chapter 1. And upon this posting have posted the Cover and inside page for Chapter 2!

    We really hope you like them (:

    Going forwards we may not be keeping our previously religious page-per-week schedule. Our desires to provide a high quality Illustrated comic is greater than our desire to maintain such a rigorous update schedule. As we have expressed elsewhere making in depth illustrations is a time consuming labor intensive process. As we move further towards the story heavy elements of Rough Ones the need to harmoniously align the story elements and pacing with the depth of the artwork becomes greater. As a result we will be allowing ourselves more forgiveness and posting less religiously. The best way to be kept up to date on the comic is to follow us on instagram @roughonescomic

    Social links are at the bottom of our site.

    Additionally our Patreon is up and linked near the bottom of the site. A store is in the works and will be linked once we actually have merch for it. We understand that it is very early in our webcomic journey to be soliciting funds for something we offer freely but please consider chipping in if you enjoy the comic and would like to help us work towards keeping Davis working on Rough Ones more exclusively.

    Thanks for reading and we hope you continue to enjoy Rough Ones

    -Rough Ones Team

  • New Page UP! Page 14! 05/17/2018 by roughonescomic

    Hi All,

    We are planning on a more consistent update schedule.

    Expect new content every Thursday!   (:

    As i’m sure all can understand, the Rough Ones creators have lives outside of the comics and it may not always be possible to post. Please be forgiving. <3

    That said, we will do our best to maintain this schedule. We hope you continue to enjoy Rough Ones.

    -Team Rough Ones


  • Welcome to the Rough Ones Blog! 01/15/2018 by Lucas McCaslin

    Hello and welcome!

    This is the Rough Ones Comic blog section. We hope to post updates on the status of the comic, other kinds of news and varied content here. This will be where we write sendups of other webcomics, reviews/ recommendations of media we love and whatever else we feel is appropriate to share with the webcomic reading public.

    We would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for checking out Rough Ones. If you like the comic, the most amazing thing would be if you could recommend it to a friend. This is the highest praise we feel we can receive. If you have negative comments, criticism is expected as this is our first webcomic feel free to share them in the comments or send the to the gmail account listed in our “about” section.

    Thank you again and please enjoy what we hope to be a comic with lots of heart:

    Rough Ones!