Rough Ones is a Webcomic about friendship and adventure.

The comic is drawn by Davis Cathcart and written by Lucas McCaslin

About Davis:

Davis was born drawing. No really. But really. His connection to a sense of childlike play is present in every line he pencils. Davis lives to draw.  He has a creative approach to problem solving and utilizes a diverse variety of strategies when approaching the written material. He is very particular about art and his current favorite comic art is that of All-Star Superman.

About Lucas:

Lucas is great when it comes to sequential storytelling. In conversation, he often applies a preface before any discussion about film or T.V. gets underway, in which he discloses that he pretty much only consumes comics and cartoons on his free time. If anyone should be writing comics it’s this guy because when he does his expertise and enthusiasm for the medium shines through. He writes in a screenplay format often leaving room for his illustrators interpretation and input. Some great comic book writing he likes currently is that of Mind MGMT.

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